Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the process of applying scientific principles and the best available evidence about behavior analysis to supports, using proven methods to make positive change in the lives of persons with autism.

ABA therapy includes a wide range of practices administered by a BCBA. The following are available through Ocean Front:

  • ABA assessment and planning
  • 1:1 therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Social skills group therapy
  • Multiple family group training

Eligible persons must be under 21, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by a qualified healthcare professional, and referred to the Administrative Services Organization (ASO) or one of our insurance providers.

Steps to Begin Services

Understanding insurance coverage for ABA services is important as it may differ from traditional medically covered services. Many companies are improving health insurance coverage for treatments such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Coverage for ABA services varies based on your location and plan, so it is important to know your child’s coverage through their individual policy. Ocean Front Counseling staff can help you determine if your health benefit plan provides coverage for the treatment of autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Ocean Front Counseling currently accepts the following insurances: Carefirst, Aetna Delaware, Cigna, Maryland Medicaid plans, Highmark Delaware, Highmark Health Options and Delaware First Health.

 Here is an outline of the steps to receiving ABA services through Ocean Front Counseling.

ABA Therapy Insurance Coverage for Autism 
1. Child must have a Complete Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Diagnostic evaluation from a qualified health care professional. A list of qualified health care professionals include: Developmental Pediatricians; Pediatric Neurologists; Child Psychiatrists; Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists.

2. Child must have a Recommendation for “ABA Therapy” from a qualified health care professional dated within the last 6 months. NOTE – The ABA recommendation may be included within the diagnostic evaluation.

3. Complete new client intake form here.

4. Ocean Front Counseling will obtain the following information from the family: client name, date of birth, address, phone, email, and a copy insurance card.

5. Ocean Front Counseling will contact the client’s insurance to determine if Applied Behavior Analysis services are covered under the client’s policy. If ABA is a covered service, Ocean Front Counseling will obtain insurance authorization for an initial ABA assessment to be performed by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

Ocean Front Counseling ABA Services that may be billed to insurance include:

– ABA Initial Assessment completed by a BCBA
– ABA Therapy provided by RBT or BCBA
– Remote Supervision of Registered Behavior Technician
– Direct Supervision or Registered Behavior Technician
– Treatment Planning Hours Completed by the BCBA
– Parent Training with Patient Present
– Parent Training without Patient Present
– Reassessment Completed by a BCBA
_ Observation/ ABA services provided in a school

8. Ocean Front Counseling staff will coordinate a day and time for an initial observation visit with a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. The initial observation is the first of two required observation visits and can take place in the client’s home, place of education or a center.

9. Once two initial observation visits are complete, the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst will develop a Behavior Assessment and Plan for the client. This Behavior Assessment and Plan will be submitted to the client’s insurance for review and approval.

10. Once the Behavior Assessment and Plan is approved by the client’s insurance, Ocean Front Counseling will introduce a Registered Behavior Technician to the family to begin to provide ABA services as outlined in the Behavior Assessment and Plan. Registered Behavior Technicians are supervised by the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst on a regular basis.